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Temel bilgiler
İş türü: Ticari Şirket
Ürün/Hizmet: hava Kompresörü, Sondaj Kulesi, Matkap Ucu, Yedek parça
Konum: Shaanxi, China
Kurulduğu Yıl: 2007
Çalışan Sayısı: 11 - 50 Kişiler
Toplam Gelir(Önceki Yıl): confidential
Ana Pazarlar: İç piyasa,Güney Amerika,Güneydoğu Asya,Afrika,Orta Doğu
Ürün sertifikaları: products certifications
Ortalama tedarik süresi: 30 gün
Şirket Profili

Shaanxi Kaishan Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful ancient City - Xi'an. our company has accumulated much experience in the business of air compressors and drilling rig machines. Geographical advantage, efficient energy-saving products, fast service, and the concept of customer-oriented and energy-saving have won praise for us from all over the world. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Besides, we have passed ISO9001 certification. Our products are widely used in engineering, mining, energy, chemicals, machinery manufacturing and other fields. We have a professional team, and always stand in the forefront of the industry. With the conservation-oriented economy background, we strive to contribute to the society and the environment. Shanxi Kaishan has a sophisticated national-wide retail network supported by a high-quality customer service system. The nine major series of Kaishan products spread from rock drilling units, screw air compressors to excavators, crawler drills, etc. and altogether 18 categories with over 800 individual products. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future! We have fine processing equipment. Upon success, we are currently trying to list one of our subordinate companies: Shaanxi Kaishan Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd. to the stock market. Also, we hope to develop Kaishan Group into a large-scale and diversified manufacturer with our own patent techniques and core competitiveness. We are striving to rejuvenate our national industry and develop as the pillar of Chinese air compressor industry in a yearning for greater contribution to China's harmonious society construction and the development national equipment manufacturing industry.

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Ticari kapasite İç piyasa : 80.00% Güney Amerika : 5.00% Daha fazla görüntüle
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