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Hebei, China
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Tedarik Gücü
Tedarik Gücü:
5800000 Piece/Pieces per Year
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Plastik torba içinde, karton dışında
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incombustible, insoluble, non-dropping, non-softening and non-shrinking in flame, and can sustain 3 minutes under 900

(1)Product :

Polyacrylonitrile Pre-oxidized fiber, which is called PANOX for short, is a kind of new type flame-proofing (incombustible) fiber arisen with the development of carbon fiber. This kind of fiber has a carbon content as high as 93% approximately, with black color. Strength 1.6~2.3dN/tex, elongation rate 12~16%, and initial modulus 70~80dN/tex; rate of moisture absorption 6%~10%, coefficient of heat conductivity 0.08~0.17J/(m·s·k), limited oxygen index 55~60%. It will be incombustible, insoluble, non-dropping, non-softening and non-shrinking in flame, and can sustain 3 minutes under 900°C flame and will keep the original shape until carbonized. This fiber will become soft but not fragile under -100°C conditions. It can be blended with other high temperature resistant high-strength fibers, such as aramid fiber 1414, so as to realize sharing of complementary advantages and achieve better temperature resistant ability and higher strength.

(2)Examples of Application:

1.  Fire-protection suit and heat protective clothing (fire fighting, smelting, electric welding and electric arc)

2. Fire barriers used in house and home, and public places (curtain, mattress, isolation veil and inner lining)

3.Fireproof tent

4.Fireproof fighting uniform for special policeman to make it available to fight in the sea of flames

5. Electric power and communication insulation materials

6.Equipments, facilities and fireproof jackets used in the field of industry and army.

7. Fireproof, heat insulation and sound insulation components used in the auto industry

8.Textile materials used for the friction plate

9.Product performance: conform to GB8965.1-2009, GB8965.2-2009, GA634-2006, EN (ISO) 11612-2008, and CS-191.

Company information

Baoding Sanyuan Textile Technology is a research and developement center of technical textile materail in china,and we are a PPE professional manufacture ,we have technical person and have all kinds of machines to make yarn ,fabric ,clothing .OEM is ok , , we have ISO 9001,ISO14001,ISO18001,LA,and so on .so i belive i will a good supplier for you

our product:

1.antistatic yarn/fabric/clothing retardant yarn/fabric/clothing

3.anti-radiation yarn /fabric/clothing

4 anti-cut yarn/fabric /clothing

5.high temperature resistant yarn/fabric/clothing

6.special fiber product including pre-oxidized(carbon)fiber yarn/fabric/clohing;para aramid fiber yarn/fabric/clothing;mata aramid fiber yarn/fabric/clothing;PE yarn/fabric;

7.stainless steel fiber yarn/fabric ,FeGrAl fiber yarn/fabric .

8.electric power industry fabric/clothing/gloves/socks


contact me free by below way .


Baoding Sanyuan Textile Technology Co.Ltd

No.625 East Second Ring Road,Baoding,Hebei,China





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