PET kristalizasyon ve kurutma ekipmanı artıkları

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$5.000,00 - $20.000,00 / Takımları | 1 Takımları (Min. Sipariş)
rapor Şüpheli Etkinlik
Genel Bakış
Hızlı Detaylar
Model Numarası:
100-500 KG
Plastik işleme:
Pet gevreği
Vida tasarımı:
Yatay döner
Otomatik sınıf:
PID otomatik
Menşe Yeri:
Shandong, China
Marka adı:
220 380 V
Boyut (L * W * H):
4 M * 4 M * 3m
Artırabilir 0.75
Aşağı 0.2%
Diew noktası:
Satış sonrası hizmet sağlanan:
Yurtdışında hizmet verecek mühendisler bulunur.
Güç (W):
Tedarik Gücü
Tedarik Gücü:
7 Set/Sets per Month
Paketleme & Kargo
Paketleme Detayları
Tedarik Süresi: :
10-30 DAYS


PET scraps crystallization and drying equipment
1. world advanced technology
2. expert experience flake















PET scraps crystallization and drying equipment




PET flakes crystallization and drying equipment



PET crystallization and drying equipment



Pet strapping use crystallization and drying system




Pet straps use crystallization and drying system




Horizontal type crystallization and drying unit for pet flakes


  Pet flakes crystallization and humidity recover system

PET scraps crystallization and drying system

PET flakes crystallization and drying system


PET crystallization and  drying system



What’s it special for our designing crystallization and drying system.



Pet flake is a very special material, it has two big problems ,


  1. Water
  2. Viscosity ----IV


      Water and IV are effect each other. When has water in the flakes, the IV is lower than 0.68. It is easy to obsorb water and wet from the air . it is like foam , when touch air , it start to take up humidity from the air. When pet get even less wet, the final products will get problems:




  • Pet sheet/film: if wet pet material, the pet sheet/film will not transparent , like foggy on the surface of glass.   It will have wave. It will easy to broken , it will not easy to extruding into sheet/film. It will not easy to process on the thermal forming machine.


  • Pet straps: this straps use to pack commodities, it need high strength in stretching , in broken force . if has water in the material, can not make high broken force and stretching straps . the IV must above 0.75 can make good straps.




                  So, how to get rid of the water from the pet flakes, is the head and first important step in the pet material processing.






               We had working in pet material processing more than 20 years. Long time working on it, we got a lot of valuable and practical experience. There are two kinds of common crystallization and drying systems:


  • One is horizontal only by electric drier when mixing . this drier mostly using to make pet monofilament , because pet monofilament is not very hard for request the IV and water content, so , some people is using .


  • Another is vertical molecular humidity removing system.


          This system electricity consumption very high. Also need always heating.


This system before we also used. But after we used a long time, we give up. Because this unit can not really get rid of the water from the material of the hopper evenly. The hopper top has motor, drive a shaft , shaft has blade. When blade turning , material always fall down to the bottom, so , can not mix evenly .




              To avoid high electric consumption and not evenly heating and mixing, we developed a practical and economical new system as below :






              this system is different with all other factory’s system, we have special designing .




1.oil enclosed heating the pet scraps. Oil can keep a stable and high temperature to the scraps, the scraps can get evenly heating , and get fine crystallization and drying effect .


2.strong drive gear and chain, ensure the container working in a stable condition


3.two tanks working together insure long time heating , to keep a big capacity of processing .




4.After the pet flakes finished drying , open the discharge gate, material will discharge into a material container, your extruder has feeding system, this feeding system can connect with the material container, feeding into your extruder hopper.




Your straps line’s hopper I think has material level control switch, when feeding to the required level, the auto feeding system will stop automatically . when feeding to the drying hopper, we had installed the same switch , when the hopper is full or material arrive to a set level , feeding system will stop automatically.  if your straps line has not this switch, we can provide to you, also the auto feeding system , we can provide to you.


6.Vacuum humidity exhaust


In the hopper, there is vacuum pump connection hole, we will install vacuum pump to exhaust humidity from the hopper .(please see the picture vacuum pump hole)


7.Dust removing system we have , please see picture . dust bags connect with the hot air drying system

8.The drier controlled by PID controlling system.   There will be a electric cabinet connect with the drier. (see picture )


There are temperature meter will installed , can set the temperature for heating, when hopper arrive the temperature, will stop heating automatically ..


9.The hopper turning speed: 5-6 rotary per minute.


Our this drier, you can use directly after connect with electric. We will install all necessary units . this picture drier did not finish . we welcome you come to visit us.




Working principle :


Tank shape design, double layer, media: oil.   Heating in the inner layer, inner layer transfer the heating to PET scraps. Water in the scraps become vapor , vacuum pump will exhaust the water to dry the scraps


   1.Vacuum drying, produce high ratio in low temperature, drying capacity can arrive double times than normal drying system. Save energy , high thermal usage ratio . Specially suitable to dry thermal sensitive and easy-oxidation material.


    2.Close drying style, products no leakage , no pollution, suitable for excitant and poison material


    3..Material get drying in the mixing , can reduce the water content to be the lowest as well as evenly drying. This unit suitable for different material drying .


    4. Structure design compact, small area occupy , easy operation , low labor need.




main structure


1inner layer adopt stainless steel, outer layer adopt boiler steel plate.


2 speed reducer drive system


3 dust remover system


.4 sealing unit


5 vacuum exhaust units





















use to make pet straps .






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