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My Frist Big Picture Book Recording Pen Phonics Alphabet Dictionary English Story Books Children English Talking Pen Audio Books

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Funny Musical Toy Talking Pen for 3 to 6 Years Kids

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60X45X25 cm
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8.000 kg
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Renkli hediye kutusu + karton kutu Komik müzikli oyuncak Talking kalem 3 ila 6 yıl çocuklar için ilginç bir şekilde klasik hikaye anlatmak
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My Frist Big Picture Book Recording Pen Phonics Alphabet Dictionary English Story Books Children English Talking Pen Audio Books


My First Big Book collections are particularly designed for children to learn English in an interactive way.



An oversized book

  1. The book is 37.9x52.5cm, so it’s big enough for kids to lie down on it to listen to stories. With a Talking Pen, kids can learn native English.
  2. The book is an oversized one, and letters are big. It won’t do any harm to eyes, making reading a pleasing thing.
  3. Parents and kids can read together to learn English and deepen kinship between children and parents through telling stories and playing games.
  4. There’re many illustrations included in this big book for teachers to have more interactions with students.


Fairy Tales collections (6 Books)

Three Little Pigs

Snow White

Five Peas


Jack and the Beanstalk

Little Red Riding Hood


Music Book with Roles Play

Each book of this collection contains 5 Fairy Tales, which can be performed by kids. From roles play, both fun and knowledge can get from those activities.


Words are presented by pictures

Each book embraces 16 words, they’re presented by pictures, instead of words. In this way, kids can have a better understanding of stories, faster movement and more fun.


Rich themes and wide categories

There’re 32 widely used themes selected, ranging from numbers, bathroom, animals to outer space. 774 basic words are picked for kids to learn in various themes, from which English learning and understanding of surroundings can be obtained by kids.


Portable flash cards

Tales collections attached flash cards, supporting division, recitation, being strung to carry along. Additionally, flash cards can also “speak” with a Talking Pen.


Periodically interactive games

Review practice is added in each chapter, which can be played with a Talking Pen. There’re 300 games for kids to interact with books, creating an ideal atmosphere to learn and play.


Funny and rich encyclopedia

Encyclopedia collections include big fine illustrations, in which scenes were based on different contexts, various funny persons and incidents can be found, such as, beach playing, corsairs and markets. Kids can easily find what he/she likes in these books. Conversations in these books are close to daily life and interesting, adding great fun to encyclopedia.



Served both in English and Chinese

Kids can shift freely from English to Chinese and shift backwards. More than 1200 words and 300 sentence structures are held in the books, stories and conversations can be interpreted as long as kids put the Talking Pen onto the paper in a book. It’ll be great that parents and children explore details in the books together.

 Accept OEM Language and Content


Funny Musical Toy Talking Pen

  • With the magic pen you may point anywhere of the book as you want to hear any words or sentences when you touch the text in sounds book, to repeat any words to memorise by touching again, and you’ll surprisedly find that it sounds even when you point the blank area.
  • The voices are spoken by native speakers, correctly, clearly and appealingly. Recording Children’s voice for comparing with pen sounds to correct wrong pronunciations.
  • The pen allows storing and playing MP3 files and supporting TF cards to extend memory for MP3 or new voices for advanced learning


Our Company 

Kids Fun Education Technology Co.,Limited. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of educational products, including Talking Pen with kinds of children's English learning picture books, smart globe, map, teaching board, toys...

Since the establishment in 2010, we insist to do the eco-friendly, safe and healthy educational products that make Kids Learning with Fun.

You may contact us from following ways:




Q: What is the talking pen ?

A: *Talking pen using the latest optical image recognition technology and advanced digital voice technology developed a new generation of intelligent reading and learning tool.

*It embodies the perfect function of electronic products and education industry, and technology to people-centered concept.

*Talking pen have point to read, repeat, recording, translation, entertainment, and many other features. Fully mobilize the children such as the eyes, ears, hands, brain sensory system, easy to cultivate children's cognitive, literacy, talking, thinking ability.

*It read where the way through the point where, read in conjunction with the heard way to learn, improve your child's interest in learning, to stimulate the development of the brain. Not only let the children learn the knowledge of integrated disciplines, and lay a good foundation for the children who enroll in school, but also contribute to the shaping of a child character quality to cultivate and improve children's intelligence and quality.


Q: What help the talking pen could do?

A: 1. Learning languages easily.

The pen equipped with different books for teaching kids character, words, sentence and so on.

It arouse the learning enthusiasm of kids' strongly by bring them to a magic sounding world.

2. Listening vivid stories.

The pen equipped with story books for telling kids stories.

It will improve kids speaking and thinking ability.

3. Enjoying music and singing songs.

The pen have MP3 function to play songs.

4. Playing Games.

The pen could equipped with book of game function.

Learning through playing, and playing from learning.


Q: How to cooperate the pen with books?

A: Kids just simply power on the pen and point to the book, the pen could read anywhere it point.

(The books are special book provide by us, or we could make your books equipped with our pen)


Q: How about the principle of your talking pen?

A: Our pen use the OID(object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book, it had added the hidden codes(like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.


Q: Would children easy to use talking pen? What if kids don’t like it?

A: Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard American pronunciation and real-man recording as a brand new substitute for traditional CD players. Point and read at the moment, more convenient to use.


Q: How to use the books with the talking pen?

A: It’s easy to turn on/turn off.

1.Press the on/off button in the middle of the pen, hold on for three seconds;

2.Then the pen will greeting to you and vise versa.

3.Touch the surface of the book to choose/change the series

4.After that open the books to point anywhere you want.


Q: Is it safe for children?

A: We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is damage resistant. Good speaker quality is no any harm for kids’ ears.


Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are the manufacturer of audio books and talking pens, also develop educational toys. Our products are very popular throughout the world. So we welcome distribution partners to join us.






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