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Hebei, China
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Tedarik Gücü:
30000 Piece/Pieces per Year
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Tianjin Seaport
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Hot products copper mould tube for continuous casting machine

Product Description

The "heart " of continuous casting equipment.


(1) Gradually solidifying the molten steel into a shell of the required size and shape;
(2) By the vibration of the crystallizer to remove the shell from the mold wall without
being pulled off and leaking steel;
(3) By adjusting the parameters of the crystallizer, the casting blank does not have
defects such as stripping, bulging and cracking;
(4) Ensure uniform and stable formation of the shell.


The crystallizer copper tube is an accessory for a cast steel continuous casting machine,
which is produced by direct casting of molten steel in a copper tube.
Provide customers with crystallizer copper plates such as billet, round billet and rectangular billet


Product specifications: cover all sizes required
  Billet from 90mmX90mm to 330mmX330mm
  Round billet from φ100mm to φ1000mm
  Rectangular billet from 70mmX110mm to 550mmX720mm
Taper design: Provide different copper tube cavity dimensions according to customer's needs and
production environment. The main forms are single cone, multi cone and parabola.
Production capacity: 50,000 pieces / year
Material: DHP, CuAg, CuCrZr
Plating: Cr, composite plating








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About us


Our continuous casting mold copper tube is a famous product in Hebei Province, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 units ranking first in China.


We won the “national high-tech enterprise”. In 2000, we passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. We have three production plants and :copper material factory, molding factory and surface treatment factory.In the manufacture of crystallizer copper tubes, a production system has been established from design and development, blank preparation, tooling production, to surface treatment . “Changbai” brand crystallizer copper tube was rated as “High-tech product” by Department, and was rated as a high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, Hanfeng Changbai Crystallizer Co., Ltd. has the first mold copper tube production line,with complete process chain and testing. Achieve self-completed process from copper water refining, copper billet preparation to forming, polishing, heat treatment and surface treatment.




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