Kydavr özelleştirme simülasyonu simulasyonu VR simülasyonu

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$5.000,00 - $10.000,00 / Takımları | 1 Takımları (Min. Sipariş)
rapor Şüpheli Etkinlik
Genel Bakış
Hızlı Detaylar
Menşe Yeri:
Guangdong, China
Marka adı:
Model Numarası:
9d vr
Ürün adı:
Özel ürün
Sergi/Müze vb
12 ay
110 V/220 V/380 V
CE Belgesi
Metal çelik
Tedarik Gücü
Tedarik Gücü:
100 Set/Sets per Month
Paketleme & Kargo
Paketleme Detayları
güçlü ve güvenli paket için 9D VR sinema
kabarcık film + Streç film + ahşap kutu (veya ahşap çerçeve)
Tedarik Süresi: :
15 workdays
Product Description


Give us your ayward and bold ideas about 9D VR, we help you achieve 

Customize your thought into a real thing




What is virtual reality game?

Just turning on the computer and putting on a virtual reality helmet will allow you to enter an interactive virtual scene scene that not only virtualizes the current scene, but also virtualizes the past and the future. Understanding virtual reality, the concept of virtual reality games is not difficult to understand. Wearing virtual reality helmets, you see the world of the game. No matter how you turn your eyes, you are in the game.


About us

We have done customization for huawei which is the world top 500 companies.


Guangzhou Kydavr Technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, and is committed to creating modern intelligent interactive amusement equipment. The main core products are AR / VR technical program,4D5DXD cinema, Digital projection, large Digital cinema customized construction services, indoor and outdoor amusement equipment, VR + integrated overall operating program. DIY professional control software services program and provide OEM / ODM service program, and to achieve the overall park of intelligent, unattended management.








Custom direction


Tell us the machine shape you want to make and we will help you make it. We will design and moldThe internal structure will be customized according to your requirementsGames
VR Driving
VR Typhoon
VR Housing Construction
VR Fire Drill




(1)VR Fire

VR Fire is a "VR + fire immersed fire extinguishing experience" device that allows the experiencer to wear a VR device and use the handle to control the fire extinguishing device to extinguish the fire so that the experiencer can grasp the fire in the game. common sense.The VR Firefighting Experience Hall uses sound, light, electricity and other modern scientific and technological means, uses film and television interaction, physical display, graphic illustrations and other forms of expression, integrates fire prevention knowledge with self-help and mutual rescue knowledge, and opens up fire safety education. Another way.




(2)VR Typhoon

The typhoon experience hall has vivid simulation effects on the spot, excellent sound effects and strong three-dimensional effects. The project uses audio and video, wind effects and electronic spray technology to simulate the real scene of a typhoon coming through the system of spray, lighting, air, sound, and video multimedia.




(3)VR Driving

Potholes, collisions, uphills, downhills... No wind and sun are needed to drive cars. As long as you stay in an air-conditioned room and put on your head, you can simulate real driving scenarios and simulate unexpected accidents in real life. Happening. This is the change brought about by VR virtual driving





(4)VR House Construction

After the experiencer enters the virtual environment, he or she can learn detailed nodes and correct practices and obtain relevant data information, further optimize the plan and improve the quality.
Effectively avoid the waste of materials and labor, in line with the concept of green construction



(5)Give us the model you want, we make every effort to make it for you.






Our Services

1.All 100% self-developed interactive products.
2.Professional creative design and software development team.
3.Perfect programme planning and interactive art creation staff.
4.Owning several interactive products patents/software copyright
5.Serious and responsible after-sales service team
6.Professional comprehensive interactive equipment installation engineer




Packaging & Shipping







Project case














Q: What is the difference between vr egg simulator and 5D/7D/8D cinema?
A:There are 4 main differences:
1. There is no need screen and projectors in virtual reality motion simulator . Just wear the VR?
glasses,then feel what you see.
2.The seats in 9D VR egg cinema can have 360° Rotation,fully immersive.
3. Different from shooting with real guns in 5D/7D/8D cinema,9D VR egg cinema uses the advanced?
head tracking technology.Just move your head to aim at your target,then press the bottom to shoot?
it. you can use your head control the direction you want!
4. Don't need to do a complicated installation!

Q:How many type of 9D VR cinema do you have ?
A: Four types:1 seat, 2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats... it is depend on the request of customers.

Q:How many movies do you offer?
A: We have 80 movies offered for free once you purchase it.Then we offer 1 movie every month for you in the future.

Q:What is the type of your movies?
A:Horror,thriller,cartoon,race movies ect. 5-10 minutes for every movie.

Q: Is every movie in the market workable in the 9D VR cinema?
A:Only our special movies are workable because the movement of the seats corresponds to the movie.

Q: How about the warrant? and how do we carry out after-sales service?
A:Warranty: 1 year
1. Seller should repair or replace for free if the products can not work because of quality issues of the host machines,operating soft wares, control systems, electric system, chairs ect.
2. Damages caused by human actions, such as short circuit causing by water entering into the computer case,accessories damages causing by incorrect maintenance, inspection or replacing some accessories, Seller should be responsible for the maintenance, while Buyer should be responsible for the maintenance cost.
3. VR Glasses and other damageable accessories and machines appearance are not covered during the warranty. But preferential prices will be provided by seller when Buyer needs to replace them.
4. Seller can arrange the technical staff to install for Buyer after the goods arriving at thedestination, and train the technical staffs of Buyer. While Buyer should be responsible for the round-trip air tickets ,visa, insurance and accommodation for the technical staff of Seller.



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