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Miktar( Adet) 1 - 3000 >3000
Tahmini Süre (gün) 30 Pazarlık edilebilir
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Düz boyalı
Su geçirmez, Masa örtüsü yuvarlak düğün
Ev, Açık, Otel, Düğün, Parti, Parti, Masa örtüsü yuvarlak düğün, EV OTEL WELDDING PARTI
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3 renk
Biz de üreticileri olarak özelleştirilmiş sipariş almak
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Masa örtüsü ve otel peçete
Yuvarlak masa örtüsü
Anahtar kelime:
Masa örtüsü yuvarlak düğün
Ürün Adı:
Masa Örtüsü
Özelleştirilmiş OEM
Ürün adı:
Özelleştirilmiş Masa Örtüsü
Otel Havayolu Ev Masa
Tedarik Gücü
Tedarik Gücü:
30000 Piece/Pieces per Month We take Customized Order also as we are manufacturers
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Ihracat layık ambalaj/kutuda 12 adet
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Miktar( Adet) 1 - 3000 >3000
Tahmini Süre (gün) 30 Belirlenecek
Product Description

Tablecloth "Nature" 230 round/Square  100% polyester High quality threads 220-240 gsm Various colours

From the kitchen in Ramat Gan to New York, London and Sao Paulo

in 1960, Jesse Yegar sat in her kitchen in Ramat Gan with a home sewing machine and began to embroider her designs on cotton fabrics she bought in Tel Aviv. The first to purchase the maps were the tourist shops in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which were enthusiastic about the modern Israeli-style maps, embroidered in the Maskit style.

A year later, in light of the success, another sewing machine was added into the small kitchen. The business expanded to suit female seamstresses who sat next to the sewing machines according to Sidi Jaeger's design guidelines.

Sidi's husband, Shlomo Yaeger, left his Galanteria store in Petach Tikvah and devoted himself entirely to the business his wife started, and began to move with the goods between the textile stores and the department stores. The home machines were upgraded to sophisticated, automatic machines that could simultaneously produce a larger number of embroidered tablecloths.

In the early 1970s, Sidi and Shlomo began importing Tarlin maps from Ireland, where the method was invented. Later on, they began producing Tarlin in Israel. The names of the maps and special designs were published far away.

Since then, Jafar Maps, a brand owned by Pabco Ltd., has become a real brand and the maps are spread out on many tables in Israel and abroad, and have become synonymous with luxury hospitality, prestige and quality. The maps are marketed in the large retail chains and home appliance stores in Israel, as well as in world capitals. Over the years, many products have been added to the Company's production lines and to the products it markets in the field of "home wear": napkins, placemats, decorative pillows, bedding, towels and household utensils.

The quality of the product is emphasized at every stage of the production of the maps, from the quality of the thread in weaving through dyeing and finishing, manufactured in ISO 2001 standard, to the most meticulous sewing and fabrication processes. The quality of the ingredients and the use of innovative methods such as wrinkle-repellent stains,

Despite the difficulties experienced by the textile industry in Israel and around the world, Jaeger maps boast that a large percentage of the products marketed by the company continue to be manufactured in blue and white production lines. In addition, models designed at the company's headquarters in Israel 

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Packing & Delivery

10 PCS Per Box Packing , We use Quality Box for the logistics so your goods are reached you safely and in great condition

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