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Liaoning, China
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380 V
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25 Set/Sets per Year
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1. Factory manufacturer directly

2. Delivery on time

3. Owned ISO9001 certification

4. Best service and price


II. Product Description



Steel billet Continuous Casting Machine


TypeFull-arc CCM
R (m)3-14 
Number of strand 1-10 
 Section(mm)70²-200² 165x225mm   180x400  180x600  Φ80-500
 Length of billet 2-12m 
Steel of grade Alloy steel pinion steel spring steel ballbearing steel 
 Cating speed V=~0-5m 
 Mould form and length(mm)812 ,850, 900, 1000 
Cutting way Auto-cutting 
Second cooling control mode Manual/Auto control water system 
 Way of pusher billetbillet oull-out car chain pusher car bridge pusher car  





Mechanical Part
1Ladle turret/ladle moving car/ladle fixed support 
3Tundish car
5Support roller device for secondary and thirdly cooling
6Withdrawal straightening machine
7Transmission device for withdrawal straightening machine
8Rigid dummy bar
9Dummy bar storage device
10Guide roller for dummy bar storage device








III. Related equipment

A. Energy-saving withdrawal and straightening machine

Main technical

Power(KW): 13.6

withdrawal speed range(m/min): 0.4-4.2



The withdrawal and straightening machine is a key of a continuous caster, which is used to insert the dummy bar into mould and withdrawal the strand from the mould and straight it with the dummy bar.

Caster radius: R3-14m



B. Mould

Main Technical

Water jacket:4-8mm

Copper Tube length(mm): 812;850;900;1000



C. Ladle turret

Main technical

Function:ladle turret play the role of moving the steel from the ladle to pull the steel into continuous casting.

Components: rotary arm, trotary bearing, transmission device

Load capacity:50-200T

Angle of ratation: 360°

Rotating speed:1r/min

Swing motor caoacity: 7.5-15KW




D.Tundish car

Main technical

 Function:Tundish car is located on the casting platform for the support and transfer                        of tundish.

Application:Normally two tundish cars are used on the continuous casting machine, one with a tundish in casting operation, the other with a tundish waiting for casting. This realizes the multi-heat continuous casting. The car is provided with a fine tuning centering device to center the tundish port with the center point of mould port.

Carry capacity:3-10t

Mass of a car body:1.0-2.0t

Traveling mechanism:


Traveling speed4.2m/min
Traveling distance5000mm
Track gaugeDepending on ladle size
Wheel spacingDepending on ladle size




E. Rigid dummy bar

Main technical

Application: The dummy bar is used to tract and lead the cooled and solidified       strand and pull it out by the withdrawal and straightening machine.

Features: In order to avoid the deformation of dummy bar body due to heating, dummy bar is equippted with a colling water pipe inside the bar body. It has the features of smaller deformation, long device life, simple structure and installation, easy opration and maintenance. 

Outer bow radius of bar body:

R4000mm, R5250mm, R6000mm, R7000mm, R8000mm, R9000mm

Section dimension of bar body:

90x90mm, 100x100mm, 120x120mm, 150x150mm, 160x160mm, 170x170mm, 80x240mm, 160x400mm



F. Dummy bar storage

 Main technical

Speed for transmission speed:0-4m/min

Device:motor and reducer


patent:No 02290622.3

Application: The storage stand for rigid dummy bar si used to lower the dummy bar to the withdrawal and straightening machine before casting and then the withdrawal and straightening machine feed it into the mould. In withdrawal the dummy bar is pulled by the withdrawal and straightening machine to withdrawal the strand from the mould and then it is retracted to the storage strand. 

Features: The device is based on the principle of ratchet wheel for the purpose that it can be rotating simultaneously with the withdrawal and straightening machine as far as the withdrawal and straightening machine is in operation. It features the compact structure, easy operation and maintenance. 



 G:Walking Beam Cooler

Main technical

A. Engineering design parameters

1.Square billet section:150x150mm

2.Length of billet:9m,12m

3.Hydraulic pump station and electrical machine

4. Installation for cooling operation floor in operating floor, configuration for emergency stop button and manual automatic change-over switch.

5. Continuous casting machine system for cooling bed program

 B. structure

The walking cooling bed is made of moving components, including dynamic tooth plate, stand for dynamic tooth plate, moving frame, inclined substructure, roller, tie bar and protecting cover and so on. 

C. parameters

operational capability400t/h
size of cooling bed19x11m
dynamic and fixing tooth pitch300mm
swaying distance for dynamic tooth plate300mm
vertical movement distance220mm
diameter for lift cylinder


diameter for swaying cylinder


drive for hydraulic cylinder3sets 75KW electomotor
working cycleadjustable

D. Working Performance

It is used for even cooling of billet. When the billets drop into walking beam  cooler, the fixing tooth plate lift it. When it arrived the max height of fixing tooth plate, the moving components will move the billet froward to the next. After it drops down, the center of swaying billet is behind the peak of fixing tooth plate when the billets contact with the peak of fixing tooth plate. Therefore, the fixing tooth plate drop down continuously, and billet turns over 90° into fixing tooth plate. The fixing tooth plate move backward to original position to finish a working cycle. A working re-circulation depends on flexible of two pairs cylinder to finish. The flexible of vylinder is controlled by cydraulic value and electric.

H. Slings

Main technical

Capacity: 2-4 tons

Max opening: 750mm


It is used for lifting and transfer of slabs.

Structural Characteristics:

In taking up a slab, the hook is raising and the jaw clamps automatically the slab.

In taking down the slab, the hook is lowing and jaw releases automatically the slab when it is placed on the ground.


 A complete set of continuous casting machine


III.Company profile


Anshan FengHui Continuous Caster Manufacturer Co., Ltd is established in 1995,a manufacturing company in the field of complete set of metallurgical equipment. It specially design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, service and engineering continuous casting machine.


Our company has achieved three patents for "energy saving type withdrawal straightening machine of caster" (Patent No.2100255811.4), "Wide seam low pressure open type mould"(Patent No.022906020.7), and "Storage facility for ratchet rigid type dummy bar"(Patent No.02290622.3), and all of three patents got golden prizes in Dalian International Patent Exhibition.


IV. Our services


1.Reply your inquiry in 24 working hour.

2.Customized design is available.

3.We are a professional manufacturer.

4. Best quality and price




1.What is the payment?

Our company accepts T/T or L/C at sight

2.Why choose our company?

We are a professional manufacturer in China for many years.

3.What is our advantage?

a. We have the most advanced equipment and technical force.

b. We have rich experience in the field fo continuous casting machine and related products.

c. We have professional teamwork and the bset service for you.


VI. Contact Information 



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