2019 Çin fabrika ve en kaliteli Güvenli Şarj Cep şarj arabası Ile kesme anahtarı

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$301,00 - $1.000,00 / Adet | 1 Adet / Adet (Min. Sipariş)
rapor Şüpheli Etkinlik
Genel Bakış
Hızlı Detaylar
Menşe Yeri:
Guangdong, China
Marka adı:
Model Numarası:
Çeşitli boyut
Siyah, açık, gri, pembe, mavi, vb
Güvenlik tasarımı:
Kısa devre koruması
Soğuk çelik
20/30/36/40/50/60 adet
Değerlendirmek için sağlanabilir
4 tekerlekli hareketli
Ürün adı:
Şarj Kabini
Tedarik Gücü
Tedarik Gücü:
3000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Ahşap kutu

2019 China factory and top quality  Safe Charging Mobile Charging Cart With Air-break Switch

Product Description


Pad cart 29 is a new product of Modular, modular design, flexible color collocation, can according to different use of the environment with the most ideal solution. Can provide storage /Store, security /Secure, /Transport, /Charge, charge transport data synchronous /Sync functions such as you. Compatible with all equipment and plate.





 Material:Cold steel  


Capacity:  20/30/40/50/60 units


Compatibility:   various size.


Security design:Short circuit protection


Input power:100-240 ~50/60HZ


Output power :5V/2A(Standard,customize)


Working temperature :-15°— 65 °




Package size:1308mm*730mm*1080mm(L*D*H)


Single weight:≈90 kg 


Soft wheels :4 wheels come with cart for moving 


Certification:CE, FCC, Rhos

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Details:

Dimensions:1178mm*600mm*890m(L*D*H) Package size:1308mm*730mm*1080mm(L*D*H)

Delivery Detail:

4-6 weeks



The power area has a double-layer door to protect the power source and the safety of users. The five vents are dislocation arrangement, accelerating. Cooling effect and preventing water from entering directly. We can according to the requirements increase the cooling fan in the door. Which can adjust the fan speed automatically according to environment temperature.

The pull button pop-up flat lock can prevent scratching the wall or other object when moving. It is easy to use and waterproof with beautiful appearance.

Four wheels with brake function, transfer convenience.


Slow-rebound design, better protect equipment and the wall.

Internal and external switch synchronization function, convenient operation. External USB interface and socket, facilitate access to all kinds of equipment.


The outer coil winder, convenient and save space.


Independent research and development of the controller, including three kinds of charging mode. The timer can control the charging time. 

The output voltage of each USB port is just 5V, comply with relevant safely regulations, and could be touched safely, the plus charging LED indicator light could be more visually monitor the status of charging devices. The cabinet is equipped with a ground wire to make further protection to avoid human injury caused by leakage and electrostatic.

l  High quality cold rolled plate.

l  Handles, dimensions, and color are optional.

l  Strong load-bearing ability.

l  Connection parts and accessories resist grind and pressure

l  Rust-proofing, anti-static, environmental.

l  Well ventilated, fresh-air outlets, free air circulation.

l  Choose your own color, dimensions, handle, lock, cabinet, thickness.



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