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Temel bilgiler
İş türü: Üretici
Ürün/Hizmet: pencere Jaluzi, Panjur, Zebra Jaluzi, shangri-la Güneşlikler, Hanas Güneşlikler
Konum: Guangdong, China
Kurulduğu Yıl: 2016
İhracata başladığı yıl: 2016
Çalışan Sayısı: 11 - 50 Kişiler
Toplam Gelir(Önceki Yıl): Below US$1 Million
Ana Pazarlar: Kuzey Amerika,Okyanusya,Afrika,Güney Amerika,Güney Asya
Ürün sertifikaları: Test Report
Ortalama tedarik süresi: 30 gün
Şirket Profili

Share Blinds,has more than 10 years experience in blinds field, provides the very highest quality custom window treatments for blinds and shades such as roller blinds,zebra blinds,shangri-la blinds ect which source only the finest quality materials,fabric and components. Share Blinds are committed to delivering over and above our client's expectations.We are dedicated to providing you with great attention and best service. No matter for small quantity or large quantity, we guarantee to deliver on time and at a reasonable price with each style of window blinds. Share Blinds Company Culture >Mission: Share beauty and happiness,learn love and gratitude ,make more beautiful life >Goal: Create own brand,become a leading enterprise in blinds field >Pursuit: Quality is the soul of an enterprise,customer satisfaction is our great pursuit >Purpose:Make each blind by heart >Value:Share happily and reap endlessly S-Sincerity H-Honest A-Awareness R-Reliability E-Effectiveness We are professionally trained to find the perfect solution for any project and can accurately answer any question you may have.The Share Blinds team has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the demands of your request to provide you with best solution.

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Şirket kapasitesi

Ticari kapasite Kuzey Amerika : 35.00% Okyanusya : 30.00% Daha fazla görüntüle
Üretim kapasitesi Fabrika büyüklüğü : 1,000-3,000 Metre kare Üretim bandı sayısı : Above 10 Daha fazla görüntüle
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Ms. Tina Xie
Ms. Tina Xie
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