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Temel bilgiler
İş türü: Üretici, Ticari Şirket
Ürün/Hizmet: Gaz silindirleri
Konum: Jiangsu, China
Kurulduğu Yıl: 2012
İhracata başladığı yıl: 2012
Çalışan Sayısı: 201 - 300 Kişiler
Toplam Gelir(Önceki Yıl): confidential
Ana Pazarlar: Orta Doğu,Okyanusya,Güney Amerika,Doğu Asya,Afrika
Sertifikalar: ISO9001
Ürün sertifikaları: CE,CE
Ortalama tedarik süresi: 30 gün
Şirket Profili

As a professional pressure vessel company in China,Jiangsu Minnuo Special Equipment Co., Ltd. has been involved in the industry since 2012.Our company can provide LPG steel cylinder and accessories.When our company was founded,we purchased the most advanced equipment and recruited a group of skilled front-line workers. And, our company is an appointed enterprise specializes in manufacturing LPG steel cylinder by the Ministry of Labor. We are dedicated to supplying only the finest products to both international and domestic customers. Our company covers an area of 16,000 Square meters.There are 100 front-line workers,12 technologists and 6 quality inspector in our factory.The registered capital of our company attains 51.8 million RMB.And our annual sales can reach 1,200,000 pieces. As the integration of manufacturer and exporter, there are five main departments in our company which are Manufacture Department,Technology Department,Sales Department,General Accounting Department and HR Department. And, each of the departments can be divided into many smaller departments. All the departments cooperate with each other to bring the best to our company. LPG steel cylinder and accessories are almost used in each family and restaurants so that their safety is very important. In order to bring the most qualified products to the market, our Quality Control Department performs strict quality inspection process from the sourcing of raw materials to the testing of the finished products to ensure that only the best products can ever leave our factory for the customers. In 2013, we passed the ISO 9001 Certification in succession. And we passed the Korean KGS Certification. We are expecting to cooperate with you. If you are interested in our company and products, please just let us know.

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Şirket kapasitesi

Ticari kapasite Orta Doğu : 66.23% Okyanusya : 10.08% Daha fazla görüntüle
Üretim kapasitesi Fabrika büyüklüğü : 10,000-30,000 Metre kare Üretim bandı sayısı : 5 Daha fazla görüntüle
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Mr. Danny Kong
Mr. Danny Kong
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