Peyzaj için Yeşil Akik Taş Cips

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$1,00 - $4,00 / Kilogram | 200 Kilogram / Kilogram (Min. Sipariş)
rapor Şüpheli Etkinlik
Genel Bakış
Hızlı Detaylar
Çakıl ve ezilmiş taş
Model Numarası:
TC 003
Tedarik Gücü
Tedarik Gücü:
1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Paketleme & Kargo
Paketleme Detayları
25/50 kg çanta ve sonra 1 Tonluk taşlar palet.
ihracat odaklı ambalaj yapılacaktır.
Nagpur, India
Tedarik Süresi: :
Within 15 days from the date of payment


Product Description

Tumbled Chips & Gravels are smaller stones used in decorating the fountains and pathways in the garden. These are used at a large scale for various interior-designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost. Pebble stone is available in Dry and Wet tumbled finishes. The finished surface varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles are polished/ smooth finish in comparison to the wet tumbled stone.



  • Beautiful: varied kinds of pattern, novel colour, you can choose one or many kinds of colours.
  • Protecting environment: Non poison, Non smell, Non pollution, Non cauterization, Safe.
  • Heat insulation: It can absorb the energy from sun and reflect them into the sky, which can fall down the temperature in the room.
  • Permanent Non- fade, Non- aging, Non- servicing, Clean, Brightness, Beautiful, Acid  and Alkali resistant corrosion.
  • Paths and drives can become virtually maintenance free when they are covered with small natural pebbles. Size of the pebble may vary depending upon usage.
  • They are a natural, environmentally-friendly product.
  • They have Instant appeal; providing a modern, stylish garden appearance with least effort.



  • These PEBBLES & CHIPS impart a surreal ambience of joyous nature when laid out along outdoor lawns, pathways, poolside, fountains, and aquariums.
  • Inside homes, hotels, clubs and the like, they enhance & beautify with natural loveliness the atmosphere within.
  • When placed informally in planters, vases, and bowls they promote a sense of ease, an air of relaxation, and luxurious warmth. 
  • Distinctive as Collectors souvenirs also. 
  • OTHER USES OF CHIPS: For more selective ornamental commercial uses the CHIPS (which normally come in size range 8-20mm) can be pulverised to finer grit (less than 8 mm) so that they become suitable for application on wall surfaces with adhesive, as is done with sand and gravel to achieve water and damp resistance, for the walls but with a touch of class! 
  • Not only that but because of their wide range of colors and uses they are becoming extremely popular for use in landscaping and outdoor living.


Product Name

      Fancy Jasper Stone Chips




      Regular (4-15mm)


     200 kgs


     • Bank Transfer (T/T)
     • PayPal


      Free Samples available. Shipping to be paid by buyer.


     25/50 kg bag and then 1 Ton stones pallet.


     Sea Shipping will be done.

Shipping Port

     Nagpur, India

Delivery Time

     Within 15 days from the date of deposit of advance payment.



                                            BLACK PEBBLES                                                                                                  
                         TUMBLED WHITE QUARTZ PEBBLES
                                                      COLOURED MIX TUMBLED PEBBLES      
                                  ORNAMENTAL DYED PEBBLES                                                                                                                                        
                                                                    NATURAL RIVER STONES
                                                                  TUMBLED STONE CHIPS
                                                                    AGATE TUMBLED STONES
                                                            AQUARIUM GRAVEL & CHIPS 


Packaging & Shipping



Company Information


ANSHUL IMPEX has been in the business of pebbles, decorative stones, river stones and various kinds of semi-precious gemstones for the past 5 years.


Currently, we can assert and affirm our ability to manufacture and supply huge quantities of pebbles, tumbled stones and a varied range of semi-precious stone articles.


We can testify with the aforementioned events that it is our splendid dedication and profound effort that made us an embodiment of growth.


Needless to say, our vision is to emerge as the most qualitative supplier, excelling in quality and commitment and catering rightfully to the exceeding and escalating need of our esteemed customers that include Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Home Owners.



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